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Who we are

The aim of European Partnership – Support for Schools in Need is to provide class material and educational concepts for school projects in the Third World. European Partnership is initiating emergency aid programmes for schools all around the world, in Africa, India, or South America. It is our goal is to improve learning conditions and to establish a healthy environment for children in need of help.

In Europe questions concerning quality development, enhancement of performance and efficiency, accreditation, evaluation and planning of capacities dominate the discussion. In developing countries, however, the questions concerning education are much more essential since many children live in unsustainable conditions: they are undernourished, exploited, often orphaned, debauched, and without any prospects. The educational situation of children in these poverty-stricken areas is outrageous. Completely destitute, these children are bound to atrophy. Without a quality basic education, they have virtually no chance to lead a decent life, in which they can develop their human potential.
European Partnership advocates support as the basis. We have committed ourselves to providing educational expertise for the people there, so they can actively contribute to the educational prospects of their children. We intend to create “Places of Learning” in troubled regions in order to make a basic education on a regular basis possible. Convinced of the ideal of a just world, we want to endow children with a sustainable support for their start in life.
Quality basic education is the key to end the vicious circle of poverty and exploitation. Whoever can read, write and calculate is empowered to inform themselves, to become aware of problems, and to effect change whenever possible. We know that a campaign for education is also a campaign against poverty. Even moderate educational programmes can help to build a brighter future. Education improves the social status of girls and women. The offspring of mothers who have received primary education are in much better physical condition.

This is why European Partnership – Support for Schools in Need  develops in sustainable ways the facilities and equipment for both well-established school projects and for those still in the planning stage. This project is a fundamental contribution to the provision of literacy courses and primary education.

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