European Partnership – Help for Schools in Need is based on transparency in all, especially financial dealings.

All private donors are volunteers. We are all ready to invest time, energy and creativity into worthwhile social projects. According to our ability, we are also ready to make material sacrifices.

We are available for auditing. Be it a tribute concert or a charity event, we will always announce both the purpose and the amount of the donations on our website. Be assured that every single cent will be used as intended.

After charity events, at least three donors count donations and report the amounts on a form. The total amount is transferred to our account with co-operative bank Pax Bank eG. Transactions are supervised by both the bank’s chartered accountants and bank officers.

The Pax Bank staff is authorized to transfer the funds raised at charity events to one of the Third World schools or the responsible project coordinators. Those funds are allocated for specific purposes. After five months, we will receive a comprehensive report as well as digital photographic material documenting the use of the funds. The project documentation will be published on our website. The ethics of charity ensure the appropriate use of funds.

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