European Partnership – Help for Schools in Need is a denominationally and politically independent organisation. The sponsors from different European countries, follow Albert Schweitzer in his ethical ideals of reason which, with liberating optimism, are capable of producing welfare in the world through suitable action.

Everyone can prove one’s own humanity. The sponsors decided personally to make a concrete contribution together to the battle against poverty and illiteracy. Be it an architect, craftsman, engineer, lawyer, artist, musician, teacher or scientist, with the help of imaginative big and small actions the sponsors want to make an individual contribution to the elimination of educational poverty in the Third World. As responsible people and personalities, they stand with their name for their commitment. The charitable work is the centre of their effort.
Benefit concerts and events as well as appeals for donations are organised to help needy children in the Third World to secure their basic needs and improve their prospect of living through education. Independent of any ideology, we believe that commitment to children who are social outcasts/socially excluded and are lacking what is necessary for life is specific work for the future that makes deep sense.

We can only change the world if we ourselves change. It always requires courage to take the initiative and the first step. Instead of giving up, the sponsors are striving for spiritual renaissance of consciousness that gives a chance to humanity and for peace in the world. We must follow new visions to change our values and moral perspective so that we truly have compassion for the poorest of the poor. We appeal to your good will to support us in our commitment.

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