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Aid Projects

Education is still one of the great challenges for Asian, African, and South-American countries. Education Projects that help the people in these countries to help themselves are an essential catalyst for change and stand at the beginning of social, cultural, and political developments that fit into the needs of a country and help the following generation.

European Partnership – Help for Schools in Need is involved in pedagogical programmes that can be applied in urgent need. With regard to lasting effects, we want to support the introduction of reading and writing courses, and we want to help school projects in the Third World in their initial stages. To be precise, we are involved in the building and renovation of classrooms and in the installation of sanitary facilities. To improve the prospects of as many needy children as possible, we want to channel project funds into building simple, new schools and the purchase of class materials. Chairs, desks, blackboards, exercise books, pens and pencils, and basic sports equipment improve the children’s learning conditions and are certainly the material basis of sensible education projects. Because hungry children can’t learn, and child labourers stop going to school completely, we want to provide nutritious, healthy, and regular school meals. Additionally, we set great store in assisting the local teaching staff in their humanitarian and pedagogical efforts.

Aids, poverty, malnutrition, child labour, child prostitution, wars, and other disasters often define the life of people in the Third World. The suffering children have no lobby or union there; they have to endure the humanitarian catastrophes. With our global responsibility in mind, we want to launch and support holistic school projects, i.e. projects that can give young people hope, bring some normality into the children’s everyday lives, help them to develop their human potential, and in the end build a secure place for them. Education provides for the future of these children. This is the reason why we chose educational projects in the Third World as our main focal point of support.  

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